The Tour de Groves bike ride is directed and organized by Coastal Caregivers, Inc. on behalf of Coasting Forward. Coasting Forward is a 501c3 non-profit based on helping organizations in providing assistance in our communities.  Coasting Forward acts on the premise of “paying it forward”.  Their goal is to raise awareness to the needs of our community, raise money through that awareness and donate it to those organizations that can utilize it for their immediate needs.  

Coastal Caregivers, Inc. provides in-home care to senior citizens in all of Southeast Texas. Part of the proceeds of Tour de Groves will benefit senior citizens. 

Our 9th annual Tour de Groves bike ride is set for Saturday, October 28 2023.  All routes will begin at 8:00 am. 

The Tour de Groves is a neighborhood bike ride interested in getting the community outside, neighbors meeting neighbors, and introducing a great activity fit for everyone.  We offer a ride length for most skill levels.  Cycling is a great opportunity that encompasses all aspects of our goal.